God’s Piano

There is so much that cries out to be prayed for, to be done, to be fixed. Murdered infants, tribal warfare, hungry and thirsty children, slavery, child soldiers, homeless families, mental illness, diseased townships, twisted politicking, despair and all manner of suffering. Death. Final, unnatural, irreversible death. And everywhere, lost souls. I feel helpless when I open my eyes to the world’s swirling wretchedness. I want to fix it all. I want to save the world. But then I remember.

“You’re sitting on the wrong bench. That’s God’s piano.”
I can’t change people’s hearts. God can! And He does, every day. He can even reverse death. And He will! God is working His plan out for His glory, and one glorious day all wrongs will be made right, to show the power of both His justice and mercy. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess.
But for now, we know that God uses means, and I want to be used. I can and must bring the Gospel to those in my life. Please pray for and with me about what else I…and you…can do.

I enjoy my comforts and thank God for placing me where He has. But I am not entitled to one bit of it. Anything and everything could be taken away in a moment. A robbery. A car crash. A rape. An aneurysm.

I am owned by my Creator. I am clay in His hands. He is good, and He is the King.

So my life is not my own.