Weird and Wonky Injuries

Everyday garden variety injuries don’t seem to be my cup of tea. I’ve done a few normal things like sprained an arm,  broken some toes, gotten stung by a wasp and sustained vehicle air-bag injuries. It’s my sister who has the very long and interesting list of broken bones. For some reason the things I’ve done are pretty wacky.
The list is as follows (not in age order):

-cut the cornea of my eye with my fingernail (serious pain)
-bent the cartilage of my nose with my knees while falling off of a playground trolley
-blood blister and deep cut in the palm of my left hand, from volleyball-net pole (nice scar)
-got hot battery acid in my eye (more serious pain)
-dropped a small knife which landed point down, sticking up out of my foot
-stepped on a large nail, lost quite a bit of blood
-stepped on a scorpion in my bedroom
-middle finger bitten badly by a horse
-forehead struck and cut by a canoe, under water after capsizing
-burned my stomach on the edge of my iron…twice
-spent 24 of my 72 hours in Berlin isolated in a nice fourth floor attic room with a nasty flu (Becca got it the next day, up-chucking just as we came out of Checkpoint Charlie)
-viral meningitis as an infant
-swine flu while house-sitting, all alone and no medicine 😦  until a week later when it was time to go home

What crazy things have happened to you?