‘Tis the Season(ing)

A lot has happened since the last post, so I’ll try and make this brief.

Around the end of September I began looking for another job in earnest, but in mid October I came down with Swine Flu (H1N1) while house-sitting for some friends.  Even though that kept me flat on my back for the next three weeks, God provided a job for which I did not have to look; a friend told me about a job in her workplace, I applied online that night, interviewed the next week and was hired a few days later. The day of my interview was the first day I was on my feet and out & about after the flu; my energy took another few weeks to come back but I have really enjoyed the new job from the start!

Then toward the end of November my Dad moved back up to Minnesota for his new job with Farmer’s Insurance. Mom and I are still here in LR until they sell the house, and we miss Dad terribly.

My birthday was a fun day at work; they made me wear a tiara and feathery scarf around the office all day, and then a good friend (Beth) showed up to take me out to dinner after work, which was a great time. And best of all, Lester came for a surprise visit in the first week of December! She and I had a fabulous time even though I was working so much–on the 10th we went to the World of the Pharaohs display at the Arkansas Arts Center where we were extremely happy to see two actual MUMMIES in addition to the rest. That night she joined me for my work Christmas party =)

The downside of that weekend was that a dry cough I’d had all week started to get worse, and I’ve been sick this whole week. Even had to sit out of my church’s Christmas concerts. Poo.

Still, even with swine flu and missing dad and more sickness, I am not to terribly disheartened =) God keeps me going through Mom’s never-ending love and care and surprisingly she hasn’t caught any of my germs. She makes my favorite soup over and over, and lets me doctor it up with cheese, saltine crackers and roasted garlic seasoning. Yum!

The new job is great, Lester’s visit was wonderful, and soon Dad will be home for Christmas…