Kate the Great

If you are alive in this world and yet unfamiliar with Miss Kat Ellenberger, you ought not to be.


Kat is a lovely young woman and dear friend from college.

Point of interest: Beware of imbibing liquids in her presence or while reading her blog.  In her demeanor, speech, and writing style, Kat possesses the uncanny ability to send liquids shooting suddenly through noses in biblical proportions.

Absitively Posolutely

Hallo! Wie gehts?

In light of the rather depressing nature of my last post, I wanted to come back and say that, thank the Lord, my attitude has improved somewhat =} Perhaps being in the Word more has helped (imagine that).  And there have been some lovely times with friends lately, mostly in the form of wedding showers. The air in Little Rock would be pink if it wasn’t for all this wind and rain.

Memorial Day we went to a park in North Little Rock with many church peoples and their families. Yummy food, great conversation, and a beautiful one lb. teacup Chihuahua named Lily. Thank heavens no one sat on the poor minuscule creature.

The host of the picnic—an Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom vet—reminded us of the fact that the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC has had an honor guard every hour of every day and night since 1937.

And what a busy week this will be!  Jon and Mandy came over Mem.Day evening; tonight was dinner with Becca then a Women’s Ensemble rehearsal, tomorrow night is handbells, women’s ensemble, and choir rehearsal, Thursday is another wedding shower, Friday is A&E Pride and Prejudice out our house with a passle of ladies (mom’s friends and mine), Saturday a college/career age kick-off-the-summer movie night at my house, and Sunday is the big Spring Concert at church followed by…dessert!  *Whew*

In other happy news, I have rediscovered the motivation to beat my body into submission and get FIT.  Only  20 minutes every morning with a Jilian Micaels dvd (the 30-day Shred). Yeah,  always thought I’d be the last person to ever work out in front of a tv. However after reading a plethora of recommendations (primarily from you, Jen!) about how effective this particular trainer/system is, I swallowed my pride and bought the mercifully inexpensive dvd. I am only on day 10, but allow me to sum it up in a few points:

1) Pain.
2) Sweat.
3) Results. (Leg toning, arm toning, ab toning, and general happy shrinkage…)
4) More energy. Lots of energy! So much I foolishly went for a jog in the 86 degree 65% humidity weather at 1:30 pm. today AFTER working out. Two weeks ago I would have collapsed of flabbyness.
5) Motivation to eat better.  Working out so hard is great motivation, because one wants nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to make tomorrow’s workout any harder.
6) Motivation to take vitamins! Not sure why.

Thus, these days  I am heartily grateful for water and protein shakes. It is wonderful to still enjoy the meals I love because it is so much easier to control portions (see #5).

Wow, never thought I would sound like a health-nut. Melyndee, you must be proud!

Auf Wiedersehen!