Goin’ Courtin’–but not today.

Hey all!

It’s been a month since the accident so I suppose an update is overdue.  God has provided a lawyer to help me deal with the legal hassles; he has been very encouraging and inspired much confidence so far, and even cut his rate a great deal just because some mutual friends recommended him to me.  Talk about a blessing!

I should tell you that I no longer have to appear in court on the 10th, because the lawyer has entered the plea on paper.  Now we are scheduled for trial on April 22nd, to see whether they will convict on the “leaving the scene of the accident” part, and any other fines that may apply. So, thank you all so much for praying, and if you would be good enough to transfer your prayers to that date . . .

Many, many thanks to those who have prayed for me and sent such a large number of  messages and cards. My face completely healed within two weeks, with only a faint redness left behind.  The poor totaled truck has been crushed; the good news is that I may be buying a great ’96 Nissan this week!  Although I feel that, by rights, I ought to buy Mom a car as well. My parents have been absolutely wonderful about allowing me to use their cars all these months.

Dad is home safe! He arrived tonight and is currently, finally, asleep in his own bed. Tomorrow if he feels up to it, he and I will go and look at the Nissan and make the decision. If I’m able to get it, it would be a great testimony of God’s sovereign timing: my dad has been gone most of the time that we have only had two cars, making it a bit easier than it would have been . . . and now that he’s home, it looks like I’ll buy one in the next few days.

Part of me definitely feels anxious and concerned about all this, but I’m trying not to 🙂