Took me long enough *sigh* Neil and Nicole too!

Seven months later, and I have finally tracked down my password for this blog. How pathetic.  Still, I’m quite glad to have it back! I was rather excited about getting a wordpress blog that worked properly (i.e., paragraphs, photos, etc), and then promptly forgot the password.  Every effort to find it failed, until tonight when I found the original confirmation email, while cleaning out sixteen pages of the hotmail inbox. 

My family just enjoyed a wonderful, super-fun visit from our official family member Neil K. Anderson and his wife Nicole. Both from South Africa. Neil I had not seen in 6 years, and none of us had yet met Nicole so that was very exciting!  We hung around the house and talked (if I wasn’t at work, which I most of the time), we took them downtown to the Saturday morning market, and took them to Hot Springs. And of course we showed them two of our favorite “stupid movies” (Napoleon Dynamite and Better Off Dead), balancing them out with a good one (Equilibrium). 

Here they are in all their glory.


) And happily married.
They are Africans 🙂 And happily married.

They liked Hot Springs a lot, mostly the hot spring part of it…we enjoyed Quapaw Bathhouse 🙂 The 104 degree water did a lot for my shoulders, which get painfully tight from my job.



a new sister, Nicole 🙂



my "brother" Neil

We are soooooooo glad they could come. Pray for Neil as he pastors in Johannesburg, and as God tests his endurance greatly through that church.