This and That

My writing professor in college (Dr. Simons, a.k.a. The Supreme Potentate) taught that there are three keys to effective writing. With essays in particular, it’s about being  Specifc, Definite, and Concrete. As a young person known among family and friends for verbosity, those keys do not come without effort. Like most valuable things in life.

We get some entertaining questions at the ASO Box Office.  First, there are the people who think we sell tickets to the Blue Man Group, Shen Yun, the Elvis Show, et cetera.  Then, our favorites. Those who ask strange things about the seats we offer them. Most common is “Can you still see the stage from that seat?” No ma’am, sadly you can’t see a thing from there. They built in select seats without a view of the stage, and when you asked me to find the best available I went straight for those. Another recent favorite was, “The seat is in the Orchestra Section you say? Does that mean it’s on the stage facing the audience?”  Yes, some audience seating was built on-stage with the musicians.*sigh*  In regard to the upcoming People’s Choice concert, after hearing the explanation that audience votes choose the program and winners will be announced in an awards-show manner, the patron asked “So will there actually be any music played?” Nope. Craig and Dawn make the announcements, we all cheer, we go home. Now, I’m absolutely certain of the likelihood that I have called places, asked extremely silly questions, and been chuckled at once I hung up. So I don’t mind enjoying these immensely. Overall, I have had wonderfully pleasant interactions with ASO patrons!  I’ve “met” people over the phone from many countries, chatted with others new to Arkansas, had some genuine mutual laughs, given driving directions and, upon request, recommended all sorts of restaurants (that I’ve never been to).

Lately, I’ve discovered a few things:
My apartment key won’t lock my office.
My mail key won’t unlock my apartment.
When I run upstairs in 4-inch heels, things happen.
When I don’t watch for ice on the ground, similar things happen.
I should have watched The Blues Brothers many years ago.
Frosty the Snowman is not just a song, it’s a cartoon. Who knew.
It’s strange to hear my office phone number advertised all over the local NPR station.
I think I’ve become one of those Coffee People.
I LOVE BALLROOM DANCING. Always wanted to learn and now I can actually sort of do it, a little 😉
Running is something I want to do for the rest of my life.
I have even more to learn than I thought.
That “discovery” has been made many times and will likely be made many times more.
Admonition and forgiveness from friends & family are equally necessary, and equally sweet to my soul.
The above is true whether I see it right away or not.

While thinking about my family recently, I was convicted of how poorly I show them my love and appreciation, or thank them for showing theirs.
These words came to mind: Don’t waste the love you are given.