Josh & Lydia ~ Saturday, March 9, 2013

For Lydia

Tomorrow is your wedding day
God’s power will be on display
For God will show what He can do
When your voices say “I do”

You both have walked a darker road
You both have born a heavy load
Only God can bring such light
Out of deep and desperate night

We wondered if God ever would
Josh wondered if he ever could
Yet here he is and here you are
Grace has found you from afar

Joy has grown from under grief
Love has grown beyond belief
Whatever comes, you’ve trusted Him
And He will bless, despite your sin

Josh is everything I wished for you
He’s all the wonders you are due
The sweetest heart I’ve ever known
At last has him to call her own

Tomorrow is your wedding day
The Lord our God has had His way
May you both be richly blessed
As you love in faithfulness