Hardly To Be Discerned

“Good and evil grow up together in the field of this world almost inseparably, and the knowledge of good is so involved and interwoven with the knowledge of evil, and in so many cunning resemblances hardly to be discerned, that those confused seeds which were imposed upon Psyche as an incessant labor to cull out and sort asunder were not more intermixed.” – John Milton, Areopagitica, 1644

God’s Piano April 12, 2013

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There is so much that cries out to be prayed for, to be done, to be fixed. Murdered infants, tribal warfare, hungry and thirsty children, slavery, child soldiers, homeless families, mental illness, diseased townships, twisted politicking, despair and all manner of suffering. Death. Final, unnatural, irreversible death. And everywhere, lost souls. I feel helpless when I open my eyes to the world’s swirling wretchedness. I want to fix it all. I want to save the world. But then I remember.

“You’re sitting on the wrong bench. That’s God’s piano.”
I can’t change people’s hearts. God can! And He does, every day. He can even reverse death. And He will! God is working His plan out for His glory, and one glorious day all wrongs will be made right, to show the power of both His justice and mercy. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess.
But for now, we know that God uses means, and I want to be used. I can and must bring the Gospel to those in my life. Please pray for and with me about what else I…and you…can do.

I enjoy my comforts and thank God for placing me where He has. But I am not entitled to one bit of it. Anything and everything could be taken away in a moment. A robbery. A car crash. A rape. An aneurysm.

I am owned by my Creator. I am clay in His hands. He is good, and He is the King.

So my life is not my own.


Josh & Lydia ~ Saturday, March 9, 2013 March 8, 2013

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For Lydia

Tomorrow is your wedding day
God’s power will be on display
For God will show what He can do
When your voices say “I do”

You both have walked a darker road
You both have born a heavy load
Only God can bring such light
Out of deep and desperate night

We wondered if God ever would
Josh wondered if he ever could
Yet here he is and here you are
Grace has found you from afar

Joy has grown from under grief
Love has grown beyond belief
Whatever comes, you’ve trusted Him
And He will bless, despite your sin

Josh is everything I wished for you
He’s all the wonders you are due
The sweetest heart I’ve ever known
At last has him to call her own

Tomorrow is your wedding day
The Lord our God has had His way
May you both be richly blessed
As you love in faithfulness



A little distress for a little damsel. February 25, 2013

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In the past 24 hours I’ve been rescued out of some minor predicaments by random people. These bummer situations were of my own making due to poor decisions, but God was good enough to send help.
Poor decision #1: At the grocery store last night I chose a handbasket instead of a cart. Around 9:30pm I was staring at the milk section in some amount of pain while the overloaded basket dug into my forearem.  As I searched for the right kind of almond milk, a young man sauntered by with a rolling cart containing only one item. I tried to hide my envy as it passed and shifted the basket’s position yet again. A few moments later the guy sidled into my paripheral vision and said “Do you want this cart? Cuz I’ve only got one thing. I’ll take the basket.”  THANK YOU. He even helped transfer the groceries.

On Saturday I moved, and my name badge for work is missing. Not a huge deal, except that it also serves as a key to the building.  Co-workers were there to let me in this morning, but after work I needed to run two errands and then return for an evening event. (It starts in 11 minutes so I’d better hurry up this post.) By this time there was a solid wall of rain outside. Poor decisions #2, 3, and 4: this morning I did not bring an umbrella, nor a coat, and when I asked to borrow a colleague’s umbrella I didn’t think to also borrow a badge so that I could get back into the building. Cut 40 minutes later to me splashing around outside, thankfully in possession of an umbrella, but no badge, and trying various doors while my pant legs soaked up a bit more water than I usually like. Mercifully soon, I saw a car about to pull away from a spot near the east door and flagged it down. Through various hurried and soggy gesticulations, I communicated my problem. The driver handed his badge to his son and the kid ran out into the rain and let me inside.

Thanks, Lord. I’m more blonde some days than others but You still take care of me.


Kleiner Wasserbär :) February 19, 2013

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Kleiner Wasserbär :)

Now THIS is a tough little critter. These might be my new favorite animal, for sheer impressiveness.

(paraphrased/quoted from Wikipedia)
Tardigrades, commonly known as waterbears or moss piglets, are small, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs. One of the most complex of all known extremophiles (organisms that can thrive in a physically or geochemically extreme condition that would be detrimental to most life on Earth), they’re incredibly hardy!

Waterbears can withstand temperatures from just above absolute zero to well above the boiling point of water. They can survive pressures greater than any found in the deepest ocean trenches and have lived through the vacuum of outer space. They can survive solar radiation, gamma radiation, ionic radiation — at doses hundreds of times higher than would kill a person. They can go without food or water for nearly 10 years, drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to rehydrate, forage, and reproduce.

Can we say WOW?!


Amazing Grace February 18, 2013

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Amazing Grace

It gets me every time.


Remember Your Chains February 15, 2013

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Another favorite from Steven Curtis Chapman. Hope it encourages you today!

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking
As he stared out the window through the sky
It seemed he was taking his last look at freedom
From the hopeless, longing look in his eyes
There were chains on his hands and chains on his feet
And as I passes him by the thought came to me

Remember your chains
Remember the prison that once held you
Before the love of God broke through
Remember the place you were without grace
When you see where you are now
Remember your chains
And remember your chains are gone

There’s no one more thankful to sit at the table
Than the one who best remembers hunger’s pain
And no heart loves greater than the one that is able
To recall the time when all it knew was the shame
The wings of forgiveness can take us to heights never seen
But the wisest ones, they will never lose sight of where they were set free
Love set them free

So remember your chains
Remember the prison that once held you
Before the love of God broke through
Remember the place you were without grace
When you see where you are now
Remember your chains
And remember your chains are gone

And in the light of all that we’ve been forgiven of
We will find our hearts fuller and freer
To give and receive God’s love

So remember your chains
Remember the prison that once held you
Before the love of God broke through
Remember the place you were without grace
When you see where you are now
Remember your chains
Oh, remember your chains
When you remember your chains
Remember your chains are gone
Imagine what your life would be
If Jesus had not set you free
Remember your chains are gone
Remember the prison that once held you
Before the love of God broke through
Remember your chains
And remember your chains are gone


A Friend and a Mummy February 7, 2013

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A Friend and a Mummy

You know you’ve found a like-minded friend when she leaves her home country to visit, and her idea of fun is the same as yours: to go to an Arts Center and look at mummies!

(*disclaimer/interesting fact* The mummy pictured is not the one we visited. In fact it’s the mummy of Hatshepsut, who is quite likely the woman who raised Moses)

It’s been a few years but I remember that great day with my K.L. Missing you Lester!


Nothing compares… August 30, 2012

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…to the joy of knowing Christ! 

Take a minute to dwell on that. 

Nothing compares.  


Christ is our everything! And there is such joy in that. Such peace, confidence, and calm. 

Happy Thursday everybody. 



Hey, I don’t smell! January 24, 2012

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No really, I don’t. And most likely it is a result of some very effective, albeit overzealous, Zycam swabs I used once for a cold during college. Much of my sense of smell was obliterated. After college I moved to the country in Arkansas and finally lived a dream of a home in the woods…only to be unable to smell the trees.

But it depends, it’s a blessing and a curse. For example, it was a blessing last Saturday when, in a thoroughly well-used port-a-potty, I smelled nothing. It was not such a blessing in my kitchen that night, when my toast burned to a crisp as I stood two feet away. I noticed nothing until I turned to see  it pop up, black as coal, a few discouraged-looking plumes of smoke issuing from the slots.

When confronted with flowers, I won’t get a whiff unless my face is an inch away and I take a good deep sniff. At that point something faintly floral makes it’s way inside and applies for recognition as a beautiful fragrance. Unfortunately it is often lost in translation.

It’s also difficult to pick up the full flavor of food. Again, with deep and fast inhale while I chew, the flavor will hit momentarily and remind me what it’s supposed to taste like.

There are many unpleasant smells I get right away, of course. Popcorn, skunks, feta cheese, etc.

But hey, I can’t complain! Of all the senses with which to have trouble, this is by far the best. I am so grateful to still be able to see amazing things and read, hear music and the voices of people I love, and feel the soft skin of my friends’ babies. God is good =)


Life in the Rock, continued May 1, 2011

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Greetings! Finally continuing my little series of pictures from my little life here in Arkansas. I hope you enjoy 🙂
The first picture is Robinson Music Hall, home of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and, along with the Verizon Arena, one of the venues for big concerts and shows. I’ve heard some incredibly beautiful concerts there, including Joshua Bell (Mozart’s violin concerto in E minor), Beethoven’s 9th, and Pictures at an Exhibition. Something I love about a small city like Little Rock is how easy it is to get downtown for concerts at a place like this…parking can be tricky but nothing like the mayhem of LA, and I don’t fear walking down the street.

Next are photos from the Air Show we had last fall at the base nearby. Missed most of it but still got to see some very cool and educational things! These are such amazing machines.
Pictures in the  middle are from when we climbed around inside a plane from WWII, to find out later it wasn’t supposed to have been open to us in the first place. After walking through some cargo planes, everyone found a spot to stand and we enjoyed the fantastic talent of the Thunderbirds. I have several great videos of them, but so far in those cases, posting from my phone has not worked.
Enjoy, and more to come!