A little distress for a little damsel.

In the past 24 hours I’ve been rescued out of some minor predicaments by random people. These bummer situations were of my own making due to poor decisions, but God was good enough to send help.
Poor decision #1: At the grocery store last night I chose a handbasket instead of a cart. Around 9:30pm I was staring at the milk section in some amount of pain while the overloaded basket dug into my forearem.  As I searched for the right kind of almond milk, a young man sauntered by with a rolling cart containing only one item. I tried to hide my envy as it passed and shifted the basket’s position yet again. A few moments later the guy sidled into my paripheral vision and said “Do you want this cart? Cuz I’ve only got one thing. I’ll take the basket.”  THANK YOU. He even helped transfer the groceries.

On Saturday I moved, and my name badge for work is missing. Not a huge deal, except that it also serves as a key to the building.  Co-workers were there to let me in this morning, but after work I needed to run two errands and then return for an evening event. (It starts in 11 minutes so I’d better hurry up this post.) By this time there was a solid wall of rain outside. Poor decisions #2, 3, and 4: this morning I did not bring an umbrella, nor a coat, and when I asked to borrow a colleague’s umbrella I didn’t think to also borrow a badge so that I could get back into the building. Cut 40 minutes later to me splashing around outside, thankfully in possession of an umbrella, but no badge, and trying various doors while my pant legs soaked up a bit more water than I usually like. Mercifully soon, I saw a car about to pull away from a spot near the east door and flagged it down. Through various hurried and soggy gesticulations, I communicated my problem. The driver handed his badge to his son and the kid ran out into the rain and let me inside.

Thanks, Lord. I’m more blonde some days than others but You still take care of me.


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