Hardly To Be Discerned

“Good and evil grow up together in the field of this world almost inseparably, and the knowledge of good is so involved and interwoven with the knowledge of evil, and in so many cunning resemblances hardly to be discerned, that those confused seeds which were imposed upon Psyche as an incessant labor to cull out and sort asunder were not more intermixed.” – John Milton, Areopagitica, 1644

To Finish the Course May 21, 2012

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On March 4 of this year I ran my first full marathon. It was, I hope, the first of many! My time wasn’t bad, but I think I can do better =) 

To train for and finish a 26.2 mile run…for me, it took a lot of self-talk and self-motivation. As I continually completed longer distances than I’d thought possible, the sheer excitement of the prospective accomplishment was enough to motivate the final few months of 6am runs every Saturday. On the morning of our final long training run of 20 miles, it was drizzly and 18 degrees!

Training year-round is a great way to keep oneself comfortably in shape and feeling energetic! Currently I’m not feeling either of those due to lack of running the last few weeks, but this laziness (and weird fatigue) shall soon end! I sincerely hope so anyway.

The point is, I highly recommend distance running if it is at all within the scope of your abilities. I thought it wasn’t within mine until I actually went out and DID it. Funny how that works, eh? Try it!

Enjoy some photos from my big day!





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