“Anxiety Attacked”

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

In October of 2011 a guest speaker came to The Bible Church of Little Rock and I was blessed to hear a message from an old acquaintance from California, an Irish chap by the name of Philip DeCourcy. A powerful message on the topic of worry could not have come at a better time in my life. Here is a quote taken down in my notes that morning; hopefully it will challenge and encourage you as they did me.
He taught from Matthew 6.

“The only thing the worrier has to look forward to is the worst thing that could happen actually happening.  Worry is practical atheism, an affront to God, and therefore the Christian must desist from it immediately.

‘Worry’ comes from two Greek words meaning ‘to divide the mind’. Divided, distracted, diffused, debilitated, and ill-equipped for life. In this state you can only bring a part of yourself to the problem before you. When genuine concern becomes knots in your stomach and in your soul that don’t glorify God, it becomes sinful worry. Your energies and thinking are dominated by this one thing.

Stop! It is inappropriate for a believer who lives in the presence of God, and it is not a malady to be cured with a pill.

Worry is not a solitary sin. It fathers others, such as discontentment. It’s a lot of work for nothing, and it unfits us for life.”

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