What ho, Jeeves!

September 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

What a week it’s been already! Between the broken truck battery and the sewer alarm and the centipede and the tarantula and the overflowing gas tank and…well, allow me to transition to the good stuff. I had a wonderful bike ride down the River Trail on Sunday afternoon, from the Big Dam Bridge area to downtown LR. Made it 14.17 miles and promptly set myself down on the asphalt in the shade of my poor sun-beaten Jeeves (the ’96 Maxima).

Due to broken truck, I’ve had some very nice times with mom in the car, taking her to and from work. This means going to bed later and getting up earlier, but it’s been nice to decompress together after work. Also, because I was at my work an hour early this morning I took a pleasant walk over to the Subway in Medical Towers 1, got a delicioscious breakfast-sandwich-related food-product, chatted with the cheery manager, walked back to the clinic and ate it while doing my Bible reading.

It was highly entertaining to sit on the couch in the corner of the break room and surprise other early people out of their very wits as they came in for coffee.

I am also about 6 chapters into a delightful book: An Army in Skirts by Frances DeBra Brown. She was in the WAC during WWII; she became a draftsman and a three stripe sergeant, even helping to draft the plans for D-Day! The book is a collection of her letters home throughout the war, including many sketches and photos. So far, as I read it, she is a feisty and humorous young woman who believes firmly that her soul is not her own, therefore that even though the work and lifestyle are difficult she “will make a good job of it.” Mrs. Brown currently lives in Mississippi…she’s in her 90s and wrote the book fifteen years ago, published in 2008. I recommend it!

This weekend is my mom’s birthday (we’re climbing Pinnacle), the IFO picnic, Share ‘n Swap, a play at Becca’s school, and somewhere in the midst of all that I hope to make time to clean the car and show  it to a potential buyer. Oh, and clean my room and bathroom. Some things shouldn’t be put off for too long, hehe . . .

Another thing: I’ve discovered that having Firefly and Monty Python soundboards on one’s phone is simultaneously hugely entertaining and positively dangerous.

I hope you folks (all two of you) are having pleasantly eventful weeks!

There is a shocking overabundance of adverbs in this post.

Peace, love, and Mal’s brown jacket,


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