“I’m NOT dead!”

April 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s only been half of forever since I last posted…but I’m still here and doing all sorts of fun and busy and difficult and exciting things. Just haven’t taken time to write. Lots has happened though =) So for now, here’s a quick update:
–Still love the new job.
–Becca and I found an apartment building we like! Moving likely end of July, early August.
–Really enjoying new friends at work =)
–Dad has moved back home…my folks do not have to move to Minnesota! My pops is the coolest insurance agent out there, and he gets to work out of the North Little Rock office. Check out Farmer’s Insurance and ask for Pat Howell =)
–Had wonderful missions conference with visit from John Glass, long-time family friend and much-used-by-God church planter in France and Switzerland. So good to see and hear from him again!
–I’ve started working out again—up at 4:30 am Mon-Thurs and a bit later on the weekend days, but working out every day. Feels GREAT.  Jillian Michaels kicks my tush.
–Taxes. Done!
–My amazing Mom finished her LPN refresher course AND her 100 hours of un-paid training work…she’s now looking for a job. You go Lao Lao!
–Wild mustang adoptions were held in a nearby town a few weeks ago…healthy beautiful horses for an adoption fee of only $25! This poor bleeding heart did not get one.
–Cannot WAIT to use new fishing rod!
–Camping/canoeing trip, anyone?
–Saw “The Hurt Locker”.  Amazing. Watch it.
–“Goodbye” gathering for military friend last Saturday night…he’s headed to Afghanistan for 400 days of “route clearance”. Pray for his wife and children.

It’s already past this old lady’s bedtime.  More posts to come =}

Laila Tov…

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