June 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Yes, one more blog-theme change. I hope this is the last one.  The first one was too dark, the last one was too white. Brown and green are two of my favorite colors, so even though this green is a bit bright, I like it as a whole.

This theme doesn’t allow me to keep the photo of seeds on the top however, so now it appears on the “confused seeds explained” page. And there is also now a silly photo of me on the “Who am I” page.

Hopefully I am DONE with edits and changes on this thing, and I can just enjoy it as a blog from now on.

Can I just say how much I LOVE my new Bible? It’s a Cambridge  NKJV wide-margin.
My poor  old 2005 ESV TruTone took a bath recently, courtesy of my leaky water bottle.

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  • unendingmercies says:


    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, I will be working at IBEX, which is so exciting. It’s amazing how God provided for our needs with this job. I hope you’re able to find work soon. I know it’s hard right now. My brother-in-law is having a tough time finding a job, too.

    How are you doing?


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