Quote series Continued (hearkening back to college!)

June 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

Lester: “The moral of the story is, don’t bring a bullet through Israeli security.”

M.E. (me): “I don’t deserve to be a crazy person.”

Lester’s brother, on putting alcohol in coffee: “That way you can get drunk and sober at the same time.”

Sister: “The beauty of having both a mind and a body is that it is always possible to be in two places at once.”

Lester posted this early in the summer after our first year as roommates:
“Reasons I miss my roommate–

– She has more clothes than I do (does that mean she’s more fully clothed?)

-She is not blue and does not pinch my finger twice in the same day. Nor is she green and does not drip green goop on me (unlike Jabba the Hutt and some other machines at work)(yes, i have names for the machines)

-I now have to steal my brother’s computer instead of hers

-My room is decidedly lacking in choice targets – pictures of larry the cucumber are not the same as a roommate who can chuck a moose back

-I can’t steal her black hair clip anymore, which is somewhat of a crisis, as I have apparently misplaced my white one

-If the phone rings, it is no longer always for me (in fact, now it’s never for me – that’s what you get for having 8 people in the house, and 2 of them are teenage boys)

-I can’t talk to her on msn while we’re in the same room

-She can’t say she knows where I sleep in a threatening voice, because she doesn’t

-Since I have no target, Sharpe, Harper, and Minikey are all still buried in my pack (I don’t even know which one) and haven’t seen the light of day since I left school

-I can’t give her any more good night tackles L oh well, maybe Becca can take over that one

-I love you M.E. *kisses for you*”

Lester: “Kelly is the lord of the room; the one with the illegal weapon, and no one will ever know his secrets!”

M.E.: “Smash the eggshells!”  (there is a long sad story behind these words, and my use of them at that time was entirely cathartic)

Lester: “Did i mention that I am presently going through Hogan-withdrawal, and that I have developed a strange admiration for Scottish polka?”

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