Hardly To Be Discerned

“Good and evil grow up together in the field of this world almost inseparably, and the knowledge of good is so involved and interwoven with the knowledge of evil, and in so many cunning resemblances hardly to be discerned, that those confused seeds which were imposed upon Psyche as an incessant labor to cull out and sort asunder were not more intermixed.” – John Milton, Areopagitica, 1644

Kate the Great May 26, 2009

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If you are alive in this world and yet unfamiliar with Miss Kat Ellenberger, you ought not to be.


Kat is a lovely young woman and dear friend from college.

Point of interest: Beware of imbibing liquids in her presence or while reading her blog.  In her demeanor, speech, and writing style, Kat possesses the uncanny ability to send liquids shooting suddenly through noses in biblical proportions.


One Response to “Kate the Great”

  1. Amos Says:

    I cant say that I have ever had that problem around her . . . usually it was me making HER do something like that . . .

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