A small assortment of topics which may or may not be of interest.

April 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

Jeepers, it’s been a while.  Oftentimes I am not on the computer until rather late at night and believe you me, anything I write after 10 pm is generally not fit for public consumption. Just ask anyone who has talked to me online at those hours.

Random happy discovery: first, my feather-with-a-metal-nib pen (from Lyon) works very well with the dip Calligraphy ink I already have; second, it does not get stuck in or bleed onto my parchment paper. Huzzah! Time for letter writing. All I need now is a real antique writing desk. Always wanted one of those.

Also, my deep and abiding love of rainbow sherbet has been reawakened. As my poor sister tries to recover from this bout of serious lung/head/throat/ear ickyness, our supply of cool and refreshing things to eat has gone up to a level far more to my liking and rainbow sherbet is among them. Yum! And please pray for Becca. No joke, she’s extremely ill and miserable.

Remember that whole go-to-court-because-of-the-accident thing? That’s in two days. Wednesday. My sincere thanks to you who have been praying all this time. Or prayed at all!  =}  I’m a bit nervous.

Currently reading: “The Lost Tomb” The Incredible Story of KV 5 and its Excavation  by Kent R. Weeks, Ph.D.  “In 1995, an American Egyptologist discovered the burial site of the sons of Ramsses II.”
Yes folks, I am reading a book about a major archeological dig. It is really quite thrilling. The book was given to me for my sixteenth birthday (by Kristen Ezmirly) and I’ve read the amazing prologue many times, and occasionally a chapter or two; it is long since time to actually imbibe the entire book. Egyptology and Archeology are two of my lesser known, less pursued hobbies. Exciting!

Pictures of my car (for those of you who’ve asked–and for me for fun!) are forthcoming.

I wish my hair grew faster.

Did you know (I know Aaron W. knows) that Tom Wilson (a.k.a. “Biff” of BTTF) is a rather amazing artist/writer/comedian?  Check out his website, http://www.bigpopfun.com, especially the FAQ page (http://bigpopfun.com/faq.shtml). If you do read that page, you must needs read it all the way down. Yea, unto the very end (it’s not that long)–you’ll likely be glad you did. And then you must YouTube “Biff’s Question Song”.  The man has some exceedingly pleasant comic genius. It’s monstrous good fun.

Aside from the the court thing and the praying for my sister thing, it is time to stop burdening you with random information, fun or otherwise. Here is something not useless:

Have you checked out Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System yet?  I sat in many college classes under this man and I was continually convicted by his ready and thorough knowledge of the Bible. He put this system together for himself as a new believer twenty-something years ago, and used it ever since.
The goal of it is not deep personal study, that is for other time in the Word. The goal is to become intimately familiar with all of Scripture over time, through increased retention by way of constant repetition. Please look at the Facebook group for instructions, or ask me for a copy. I will happily provide you with the piece of paper or email it to you. I have never had my appetite for the Word so whetted and satisfied as with this reading schedule. It is ambitious, but since when should that be a deterrent. This is God’s Word and we need to KNOW IT.

§ One Response to A small assortment of topics which may or may not be of interest.

  • rachel a. says:

    Yes, I feel the same way about Prof Horner’s rdg plan! I’m on day 21 and growing so much in my understanding of Scripture!! rachel a.

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