Best of Waldock #207–a look back at “StillSharpe”

  Partially for the sake of my own nostalgia, partially for your entertainment, and partially in the interest of posterity, I have decided to do a small series of posts that will take us back to the days of my sophomore year at college. Waldock dormitory, upper east wing, room 207. My roommate: LeslieAnn “Lester” Tulloch, known hereafter in this series as “KL” (King Lester).

  In April of our second semester of rooming together, we came to a mutual conclusion; we had by that time collected quite a list of the many quips and epigrams produced by our late-night, practice and study-weary minds, and we thought it was high time that the enjoyment of said list should be inflicted on others.  We therefore proceeded to create “StillSharpe”, a xanga blog comprised solely of quotes.  At first we quoted only ourselves, but it soon became apparent that there were those among our acquaintance  whose sayings also warranted archival attention.

  As you read, please note that whichever roommate was the origin of a quote, it was recorded and posted by the other. Make of that what you will.

  So, without further ado, please enjoy the following selections from “StillSharpe”, the quote blog of King Lester and Miss Elizabeth (M.E.) 

*Disclaimer*  Those attempting to seek out any context whatsoever for these quotes, outside of that provided within the post itself, will inevitably be unsuccessful. Best not to attempt it. Some things best left misunderstood.

“Go lock yourself in a practice room.” KL –(clearly I’d been a wonderful roommate)

“Random things do not enrich the mind.” – M.E.  (being slightly facetious)

“What are manners?” KL

“Yay! Victory!” – M.E., on having successfully stretched a hanger around her face.

“I should probably get this masque off of the corner of my mouth before I end up eating it all.”–M.E.

“I guess if one is headless, one must be ugly.” M.E.

“Off to the castle!”–KL (accompanied by a lovely bow every time she leaves the room to “have a shower.”)

“Arrows do not meet their maximum velocity at four feet.”–KL

“There are no words for what you are” – M.E.

“Why did I just stick this Kleenex between my toes? I do not know.” – M.E.

“I love sleeping in moose pants.  Everyone should sleep in moose pants…I think it should be a law.  Why don’t you sleep in moose pants?”–KL

“Why are we are singing to a green tree?” – M.E.

“You stole my planets!”–KL

“I’m smart, I’m smart, I’m so incredibly smart!” – M.E., after taking her wet shirt off of a towel she had wanted dry.

“You do very distinctive things with your toes.”–KL

“There’s not an umbrella on my computer, there’s a banana.” – M.E.

“Kelly is the lord of the room, the one with the illegal weapon…and no one will ever know his secrets!!”–KL

“I’m just going to sit here and eat my blue sugar.” – M.E. (editor’s note – can you tell it’s finals week?)


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