Darby Hendrickson–for those of you who don’t know them

November 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

  Hey there folks,

For any of you who do not know Jason and Dana Hendrickson, my dear friends from college in California…

Jason and Dana, a week before Darby was born.

Jason and Dana, a week before Darby was born.

They have been married for two and a half years, and their first child was born about two weeks ago; a healthy 8+lbs. chunk of boy with a lot of hair!

Darby went into the hospital with a fever on Sunday night, and they found bleeding around his brain. Next he was having seizures and trouble breathing, so they did a quick surgery to insert something to drain the blood, intubated him, and started trying seizure medications.

The last few days have of course been extremely tough for Jason and Dana, but God is sustaining them. They are at Cedar-Sinai in the Pediatric ICU, and there is a small room with a chair and a cot where they have been able to spend the nights close to Darby. Dana’s parents are staying nearby as well, so they have another place to rest when needed.

Little Darby is doing a bit better now…

tough little fighter

tough little fighter

in addition to the breathing tubes he is plugged into an EEG, IV for medications, a feeding tube for breastmilk, and he is in a drug-induced coma which has given his brain a much-needed rest from the seizures.

Their doctor believes the problem was a malformed blood vessel that burst. The CT scans show that so far, thankfully, large areas of the brain are undamaged. It is possible that small areas on the right side may end up with some damage, but they cannot yet know the full extent, and thankfully Darby is young enough that the left sight of his brain may completely adapt and make up for any losses on the right side as it develops.  Still, at this time it looks like there is no damage!  His eye exam was good as well.

As they wait for the blood to continue to drain, and they try to control the seizures, please pray that God would give Jason and Dana strength and comfort. They have been inundated with letters, cards, emails and calls, and they can hardly express their gratitude for the love and prayers of so many.  

Please keep this couple and their precious son in your prayers. It means so much to them, and to me, that you who do not  know them are praying.

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