Rick the Painter

November 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

  Rick is one of the regular home painters working at the same new-construction house where I have been working the last two weeks.  He often wants to chat at random times while I sand/plaster/paint or eat lunch; he is oldish, loudish, gruffish, and everything is a joke to him. At first he was bit of a bother, but then God reminded me to look for opportunities for the gospel in conversation.

 This evening, while I plastered my last wall before leaving, we got into a talk about spiritual beliefs and Rick heard the whole gospel. The conversation was broken up now and then by people needing him to answer questions or go look at something, but he always came back and listened to more.  He is aware of his sinfulness, but took it lightly and laughed it off at first, saying things like “Oh I believe in God, and in Heaven and Hell; I figure it’s a coin-toss whether I get into Heaven.”  So, a little more effort to communicate the gravity of his situation before the Holy God who requires justice…Matthew 7 helped a great deal.  

  I asked him whether He would read some passages in a Bible if I brought him one with certain parts marked–he said he would.  So tonight I am preparing an extra paperback NKJV with some sticky-notes and a lot of prayer.

It’s a cheap little Bible with tiny type and stiff pages, but it is still the mind and word of God. Please pray that Rick will not be put off by the book’s appearance, and that his heart will be pricked by the truth. If the situation allows, I will have him read a few of the verses aloud.

Thanks for your prayers! Other names on my heart are a co-worker named Brian and his wife Amaryllis, a middle-aged nominally Catholic gentleman named Ward who I witnessed to on a plane, and Summer, a college-age girl on a different plane.  
That’s one reason travel is so great…a captive audience for truth 🙂

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