Hardly To Be Discerned

“Good and evil grow up together in the field of this world almost inseparably, and the knowledge of good is so involved and interwoven with the knowledge of evil, and in so many cunning resemblances hardly to be discerned, that those confused seeds which were imposed upon Psyche as an incessant labor to cull out and sort asunder were not more intermixed.” – John Milton, Areopagitica, 1644

A Spring in our Steppe March 20, 2008

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  Ok, Arkansas isn’t exactly a steppe, but I couldn’t resist the visual pun. It did feel like spring today–my car was actually very warm when I left work at 3:15, and green things are popping up here and there. It is quite nice to live in place where there is ocular proof that seasons exist. I had begun to believe that southern California must have boycotted the whole season thing; perhaps it is just too uncool to wear warm clothing and scrape ice off of cars.  Good news: 7 of my papers are completed and the 8th is very nearly so.  When the 9th is done, I will mail the whole kit ‘n caboodle to TMC, hopefully on Monday.  Then, as soon as Dr. Larson enters my grade, I will be finally and officially done with college!  What a relief.  Don’t worry though, I still intend to study for the rest of my life 🙂 Would appreciate prayer that I will be diligent to finish the last two papers and check all 9 for errors and source citations in time to mail by Monday.  


One Response to “A Spring in our Steppe”

  1. Jennifer R. Says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog! I found it via some comments you left on the 2:22 blog. 🙂 I hope you got all your papers completed and mailed off. I know that will be a big relief.

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